Fault Tracking – Medical Diagnostics

iTrack is a cloud-based application that tracks the performance of Medical Diagnostic Instruments. Data is received from the instruments that are installed at the Laboratories spread across the country. Based on the configuration for each instrument, the data is analyzed and an appropriate alert is provided to the maintenance team as and when a fault occurs or as and when an event that could lead to a fault occurs.  Apart from the fault monitoring, the system can be configured to provide analysis for finding Root Causes to commonly occurring error conditions and to monitor the usage of consumables by various instruments.

With intuitive graphical interfaces and elegantly designed dashboards and visualizations, the platform not only provides operational efficiency, it also provides the much-needed insights that greatly improve decision making for top-level management.

Technology Landscape

Server Side
  • PHP
  • Laravel Framework
  • MySQL
  • Maria DB
Server Deployment Support
  • Cloud-based deployment on Ubuntu Linux
  • Apache Web Server