About Us

Open IT Works has been founded with the clear objective of delivering maximum value to our customers.

Entrenched with a focus to be complete Solutions oriented Company, at Open IT Works we focus on you and your needs! We are committed to achieving and exceeding the normal performance levels and strive to offer you with something enticing.

Ours is a high Technology and Functional Knowledge-driven organization. We believe in the correct combination of Functionality and Technology as the Optimal solution. You would not see us recommending a solution just because it is cutting-edge technology. Technology and techniques are but means to achieve our objectives.

Our Vision

We are constantly on the lookout to provide our customers valuable ways to enhance their business effectiveness. We do this through improvement of the solution and optimization of the resources.

Our team is the fulcrum on which our Organisation’s success is built with.

Our vision for growth include

  • Demystify technology and focus on Business values
  • Make techniques and technology work in tandem
  • Provide our clients Maximum Value, Optimal Solutions
  • Create, Develop and Sustain an Organization where Individuals’ aspirations meld into the Organization’s aspiration
  • Provide our employees a platform to excel in the areas they choose

Who We Are

An esoteric blend of youth and experience, of technology and domain knowledge.