Thought Leadership

With over a hundred years of cumulative experience and an esoteric blend of Technology and Domain knowledge, we provide comprehensive solutions that meet your needs succinctly

Your partner for change

Trusted partner to help you navigate through the myriad choices that Emerging Technology poses

Why Open IT

  • More than 120 years of cumulative experience
  • Lean hierarchy and flat structure – your voice reaches our heads quickly
  • Vast area of domain knowledge
  • Process Driven

Open Source Integration

  • Wide array of technology
  • Robust community support
  • Lower Cost of Acquisiton

Thought Leadership

  • Ideas that well grounded
  • Ability to anticipate needs
  • Agility in action
  • Enhanced business values

Products & Projects

Funds Fair

Funds Flair is a Digital Loan Marketplace platform that encompasses the functionality for both Retail and Wholesale segments.

SaaS Accounting

Highly customizable Cloud-Based SaaS accounting system for typical MSME Service Companies. Includes all essential Accounting functionalities


Highly customizable Cloud-based SaaS HRMS solution for typical MSMEs. Includes all essential HR functionalities and is integrated with SaaS Accounting through Rest APIs


Application Development & Maintenance

Strong domain knowledge combined with the ability to work on different technologies with ease, allow us develop and maintain applications across different platform and domains.

Data Analytics

The Information Systems of any organization is replete with data. However, the data is pretty much useless unless it is converted into information. Information, that can help the management make informed decisions. Using Open Source technologies, we can create non-proprietary reporting tools that are cost-efficient solutions which you can truly call as your own.